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With 25 years of experience,

Aqar Masr has a vision to develop and follow in the footsteps of those who created great Egyptian architecture. Our aim is to embrace the Egyptian identity within a modern concept and exceed expectations to deliver a fulfilling experience for our customers, all while striving to achieve the highest possible standards of living for our residents.

Our Vision

At Aqar Masr, we envision embracing the legacy of the creators of great Egyptian architecture and integrating the Egyptian identity into a contemporary context. Our commitment is to surpass expectations, ensure a fulfilling experience for our customers, and strive to attain the utmost standards of living for our residents.

Our Mission

We aspire to elevate Egyptian architecture to new heights, infusing it with the authenticity of the modern era through sustainable projects. Our mission is to foster familial unity by leaving a meaningful legacy for future generations and constructing lifetime homes. By creating a vibrant and dynamic environment, we aim to cultivate a unique sense of community. Throughout our endeavors, we uphold the highest ethical standards and professionalism, promoting cooperation among our team and clients.







Maged Migar


Eng. Maged Migar, the Chairman, has amassed a wealth of experience over a span of 25 years, successfully completing diverse projects throughout Upper Egypt, Cairo, and the North Coast.

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